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Henry Fonda THEATER Tickets

HENRY FONDA (1905-1982) at what time he was a Fox agreement actor in 1939. The words one connections most often with Henry Fonda are "sincerity" and "truth." Henry Fonda THEATER predictable those qualities in the font he played, and audiences came to connect them with Fonda himself. Henry Fonda was known for his "cat-like" walk, especially in westerns: moving at a slow but clock-like tempo, throwing forward one foot at time, while letting the arms dangle loosely at his sides.

Henry Fonda is considered one of Hollywood's old-time legends and was friend and contemporary of James Stewart, John Ford and Joshua Logan. Henry Fonda movie career which spanned almost 50 years is completed by a notable presence in American theater and television. The Henry Fonda THEATER Tickets SIGNED in red permanent ink later in life.

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In 1966 – Henry Fonda married his fifth wife - an airline assistant named Shirlee. She was 28 years younger than he was (we have the best Henry Fonda THEATER Tickets online). Henry’s second wife, the mother of the Jane and Peter – slit her throat with a razor in 1950. She was having’ a bad day. I was honestly complete to go on a tear about him, unleash a litany of comments about Henry’s abusiveness and political opinion. I thought that Henry (Hank) was a staunch Republican – hanging out with the likes of Reagan, John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart. I was wrong.

Henry Fonda and Jimmy were the best of friends and opened teh Henry Fonda Theater. In 1933, they public a New York apartment, but refuse to discuss politics. Hank was a rabid Democrat. He once said that the current (Reagan) President made him "physically ill," and that he "couldn’t stomach any of the Republicans, most of all Richard Nixon." I didn’t know this, did you? as soon as his children Peter and Jane started going on about how bad Henry was as a parent, my opinion plummeted again. Peter wrote a book about mounting up Fonda in, "Don’t Tell Dad." The title says it all, doesn’t it?


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